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Savannah Bed & Breakfast Inn is charging regular rates post Hurricane Matthew

Having weathered the storm with our power intact and even enjoying the camaraderie of a handful of guests that decided to brave the forces of nature at our historic B&B it saddens me to hear that there has been some price gouging.

It was browsing through Nextdoor last night that I spotted a request by one of the many tree removal companies that are actively restoring yards and parks and rendering housing habitable again for a rental property. It seems that they are being charged $300 per night for basic accommodation miles from Savannah. Of course there is a domino effect to this kind of pricing. The tree services in turn charge more for their services and so on and so forth.

The good news is that our pricing is unchanged from what we set before Hurricane Matthew and we are looking forward to the remaining festivals such as the Savannah Film Festival and Y'all Shalom!
Tours and attractions are mostly up and running this week including the Telfair Museums: Telfair Academy, Jepson Center and the Owens-Thomas House.
Sadly Fort Pulaski is indefinitely closed and are keeping us posted via facebook:

Post Matthew Hurricane Update: Savannah was fortunate to weather the storm well considering. After the hard work of first responders the city of Savannah is back to business as usual!

Festival Season is back in action and many of the events take place in Forsyth Park during the course of the year. We are fortunate to be a scenic stroll away from all the activities in Forsyth Park. Our location means that guests do not have to waste time finding a parking spot to enjoy music or food in the park!

Forthcoming Fall Festivals of note are the Jewish Food Festival, otherwise known as Y’all Shalom and the Savannah Film Festival when Hollywood comes to town!

The Jewish Food Festival is another foodie delight offering such specialties as Sephardic lamb, blintzes and homemade challah bread! This annual event is hosted by Savannah's jewish community and is highly supported by locals and those who enjoy the wonderful homemade food. It also takes place in Forsyth Park!

The Savannah Film Festival schedule will be announced on the 3rd October. Book your stay in the historic district from 22nd till 29th October to check out the movie stars in town! Gold passes are still available for purchase. The Gold Pass allows patron admittance to all film screenings, workshops, lectures and evening receptions during the 2016 Savannah Film Festival, October 22 - October 29, 2016.

Savannah is also the perfect place for Halloween being the most haunted city! In addition, Savannahians love to wear fancy dress. Any excuse will do! You will feel totally at ease donning your Halloween costume and roaming the streets of Savannah on 31st October!

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Savannah Bed & Breakfast Inn is charging regular rates post Hurricane Matthew

Having weathered the storm with our power intact and even enjoying the camaraderie of a...