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The Innkeeper

Robert McAlister acquired the house in 1974 and began the first of several restorations. At first his private home, he began the Bed & Breakfast Inn in 1978 to help pay for the renovation costs.

McAlister is a man of various talents but a clearly checkered past. His career includes university teaching in political science, Budget Director for the cities of Savannah and of El Paso, Texas, Chief of Staff to the Mayor of Savannah, and Registered Lobbyist to the Georgia General Assembly.

Mr. McAlister has also assisted the United States Government in various, largely naval, matters. He is a world traveler with significant collections of Asian antiquities and art pieces. McAlister’s various local achievements include first President of the Coastal Heritage Society, Board Member Science Museum, Rotarian, organizer of the first Asian Festival, Board Member of the local 1996 activities, Savannah Treasurer, Downtown Neighborhood Association, St. Patrick’s Day Parade Committee Member, and St. Andrew’s Society. He has been known to impersonate General James Oglethorpe complete with white wig, red coat and sword. He has also been accused, with some basis, of being a professional Scotsman. He now spends his time reading from his extensive library, perhaps the largest in Savannah, and smoking cigars.

He is married to the former Mary Lynn Watson. They have three children and three grand children. Their daughter, Holly, is one of the cooks and breakfast hosts at the inn. After a long and distinguished career heading up the Savannah Rape Crisis Center Mary has decided to retire and participate in one of her favorite pursuits for the benefit of the Inn!

Mary McAlister tending her Charming Courtyard Gardens


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